The Final Push – Raffle to be drawn May 1

by kingstonparksmovies

  Have you ever listened to a WAMC Public Radio Fundraising drive?  By the end Alan Chartock has gone hoarse and whiny.  Its the radio version of a supermarket  can-shake.  As a listener, all you can do is empathize and pray for an end to the apparent misery.  Our Kingston Parks Movies Under the Stars Planning Committee are all standing by with raffle tickets ready.  Just like Alan Chartock we are a bit bedraggled and whiny, but we are heartened that the end is near.

We are down to the final several thousand dollars to put an end to this fundraising campaign and bring movies back to the parks.  The equipment is paid for, but now we are working on movie copyrights, popcorn supplies, movie posters, and the all important port-a-potties for a few of our movies locations without adequate facilities.  It’s the final fundraising push and you can make it happen!  

Please reach out to any one of our committee members (you’ll find a full listing under “About”) and help us end this fundraising campaign. Sponsor a movie night or donate for a chance at our raffle – and we’ll see YOU at the movies!