Kingston Parks "Movies Under the Stars"

Month: June, 2012

Coming July 6 to Academy Green Park: The Wizard of Oz

The entire Kingston Parks Movies Under the Stars Committee is just beaming after a fabulous debut at Gallo Park with hundreds of visitors and a good time had by all.  This week we present a classic that has entertained generations:  The Wizard of Oz, sponsored by Wind Atlantis Management and M&T Bank, starting at 8:30pm.  But first get loosened up with some Yoga in the Park, by Mudita Yoga, organized by the Kingston Land Trust at 7:30pm.  Truth in advertizing – the flying monkeys are terrifying; truly scary!

Logistics – Academy Green is located across from the Governor Clinton on Albany Ave. and Maiden Lane.  Parking is available on-street and at the County Building lot, but consider grabbing the Citibus Jitney Trolley which is making a special 6:30pm/7:30pm drop-off and 10:30 pick-up run.  Bring a blanket for the lawn or pack your lawn chair.  Free water compliments of Binnewater and Queens Galley/Cooking Matters will provide the popcorn.  Pack a picnic dinner or grab some take-out at one of the great businesses along the way and make it a full night in the park.  Remember – the show will go on!  All rain dates moved to the Andy Murphy Mid-town Community Center at 467 Broadway.

Extras: Limited Edition Kingston Parks Movies Under the Stars T-shirts will be on sale for $10 with plenty of youth sizes.  A “Free-will Offering” jar is set up at the popcorn station and donations to keep this project going will be gratefully accepted.  Free will baby!  Let the spirit move you.

Now we just have to say a few words of thanks…  The turnout and great community spirit for our opener was simply stunning.  Hundreds of people were packed down at the waterfront and it made us all so proud of what this committee has put together.  Take a moment to visit our “Sponsors Page” and the “About Page” to see the businesses, organizations, and community volunteers who have poured their resources into making our awesome Kingston parks the place to be all summer long!  And special thanks to former Chief Keller, John Bell, Pat Johnson, Kevin Rowe (AKA “The Technician”), and the many volunteers of United Health Care for providing some much needed muscle to pull last night off.  Of course from the planning committee: Megan Weiss, Paula Wisneski, Jeanne Edwards, Andi Turco-Levin, Sue Cahill, Stephen Blauweiss, Janai and Patrick McDonough, Jen Fuentes, Alderman Debbie Brown, Carly Williams, Diane Reeder, Steve and Lynn Schabot.  They all worked their tails off.  And give it up to kids from the Center for Creative Education under the tutelage of Drew!  Those kids along with the honorees of the Mayoral Service Awards are a great reflection of the best asset we have in this community – our kids.

We’ll see YOU at the Movies!!


Exciting Program Updates


Kingston Citibus Historic Jitney Trolley

The Kingston Citibus historic Jitney Trolley will do a special run each movie night!   Parking will be at a premium for several movie nights, so consider hoping on a trolley bus.

Pick-ups each week will begin at 6:30pm and 7:30pm (5:15 and 6:15 on August 17th) with a 10:30pm pick-up from each Movies Under the Stars location for your return trip.  Here are the stops/look for signage:

Kingston Plaza – by MAC

Governor Clinton

Stuyvesant Hotel

Brigham Housing

Colonial Gardens

Wiltwick Gardens

Yosmin Towers

Springbrook Village/Broadway East

Rondout Gardens

* Golden Hill by advance request – Paratransit



Our ending celebration on August 17 is also shaping up to be a great time.

Julio Jackson, an exceptionally talented local performer has agreed to provide music that is sure to get the crowd moving.  Here is a link to Kingston, Exit 19:

Sav-on Party Center’s Scott Harrington has agreed to help with a bouncy for the kids, and as promised to the 2nd grade class on a field trip to City Hall, cotton candy – Hooray!!  Asked and delivered compliments of Sav-on.  Incidentally, Scott Harrington is also helping this project with a massive tarp to protect the equipment which we are extremely grateful for.

Vendors are still needed – email if you are interested in setting up for the event.  So far we have JJ’s Rocking Cupcakes so we are in good shape as far as the committee is concerned.  More updates on the ending celebration in the coming weeks.

A Passport to your Kingston Parks

Diane Reeder, of the Queens Galley/Cooking Matters is setting up a “Passport to your Kingston Parks” contest.  This project is more than just movie nights and fun, but also a community celebration of the fabulous public spaces and parks that make our city such a wonderful place to live, work, and play.  Pick up your “Passport” at the popcorn station or T-shirt table and get a stamp each week. Everyone with 8 stamps is eligible to enter a drawing for a great giveaway.  And the best part is everybody wins at this contest because you get a chance to spend time at our great parks all summer long.









2 Weeks Out and “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!!”

In two weeks we will all be enjoying Ghostbusters at Gallo Park on Friday, June 29th, and cursing the committee organizers for several days thereafter because you can’t get that annoying song out of your head.  This program is being sponsored by the Lions Club Foundation – GRRRRR!!  Gallo park is located on the waterfront at the end of Broadway and West Strand next to Mariner’s Harbor.  Below is a link for the full season’s movie line up; 8 weeks of fun, family-friendly movies:

Movie Poster Proof

Special thanks to Stephen Blauweiss for his amazing work designing our theme and working with our logo winner to develop a snazzy presentation for all of our promotional materials.

Come early to stake out your spot, buy a T-shirt (Thank you Johnson’s Signs and Tees!!), but most importantly get your groove on with Drew for Soul Line Dancing.  That begins at 7:00pm followed by Kingston Cares Mayoral Service Awards at 8:00pm, honoring some outstanding kids who deserve our praise.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket.  Grab some take-out at one of the many awesome restaurants near the park or pack a picnic.  Free popcorn and water compliments of Queens Galley/Cooking Matters and Binnewater.

Parking is at a premium – you might have to hoof it, but who doesn’t need the exercise, what with bathing suit season upon us?  There is on-street parking on the strand and a municipal lot.  We are working on a Citibus at the end of the program around 10:30pm that will set up a special run to senior complexes.  I’ll update once we get the details worked out.

All movie nights are tobacco and alcohol free – Check back for weather advisories.  But remember, the show will go on Rain or Shine!  All movies get moved to the Andy Murphy Midtown Rec. Center at 467 Broadway.  Call Jen Fuentes at 845.332.6600 if you need additional information.

And if you like this gorgeous venue, come back during August and September for a special Mid-week program of “Date Night” Dinner and a Movie events geared towards the grown up crowd, sponsored by the Kingston Waterfront Marketing Group.